Regarding free license

Two questions.

  1. Does the single domain free license allow pointer domains? (or can we get the free license for the pointer domain too so that it can be setup after installing iworx? I have 1 pointer domain)

  2. how much time does it take to get the free license? (I got to do the move and I have only a few days left)


The free license is fully functional with the exception of clustering.

The free license is generally issued as soon as the request is recieved as long as the staffer who does that is online. Since it’s done manually the time varies.

Obviously the single domain license shouldn’t allow more than one domain to be added, but I am not sure it would allow pointer domains or not.

So, do you say that it would allow to add the pointer domain?

Thanks again.

Perhaps we should start calling it a Singele SiteWorx account license :wink:

Anyway to answer your question YES you can add pointer domains, sub domains, SSL (as long as the domain is on a dedicated IP) the works.

Now, how do I get the free “single siteworx account” license?
Whom to contact?

Please contact sales at with the following info

Address (Street, City, State, Zip, Country if outside the USA)
telephone number

and Greg will set you up