Remote Access Error in Log


Recently been recieving the following in the /home/interworx/var/log/iworx.log file:

Apr 23 17:34:40 iworx [debug] lock barfing: /usr/local/interworx/etc/remote-access.ini
Apr 23 17:34:40 iworx [debug] backing up: /usr/local/interworx/etc/remote-access.ini
Apr 23 17:34:40 iworx [debug] orig already exists: /usr/local/interworx/etc/.remote-access.ini.orig
Apr 23 17:34:40 iworx [debug] lock barf success: /usr/local/interworx/etc/remote-access.ini
Apr 23 17:34:40 iworx [info] dns export attempted from , forbidden

anyone any ideas?


shameless bump

What was going on here is that we had a system for Sago Networks that polled all (Sago) iworx-cp boxes for DNS data. BUT, it apparenlty wasn’t discriminating Sago Networks licenses from other licenses. I fixed the issue in this system and you shouldn’t see any DNS attempts (at least from this system) anymore :slight_smile:


Thanks for the explanation Chris. :slight_smile: