Remote backup soon : )

I work on remote backup script.
Soon i have the script finished, basically the idea is copy global backup sites to remote server not using FTP, the idea is use ssh for copy files.
Some sugestions?

Another software i share soon here, is a php script for move sites already created to resellers accounts, and from resellers accout outside of accounts

New on interworxs, but start love this panel : )

We’ll be adding remote backup via SSH into a future release, but it’s good to know there will be an alternative until then. :slight_smile:


well you can sue my script if want : )

Would be nice to be able to have remote SiteWorx Rsync over SSH. The reason I dont like doing NodeWorx (Iworx) backups of siteworx accounts is it puts too much of load on the server compressing everything and takes a while. I do an Rsync to another hard drive so that it only has to copy changed files.

Well based on my expereince i not like rsync backups, i want make fresh full backups of sites and not rsync.
I think rsync is util for backup all server included with files system, but i use the tar.gz files generated from interworx and move to remote server, after move delete files on locals erver, and if needed rotate on remote server for not save lot of copys of backups.
Its very sh script, and run form shell, call from crontab.

Today with band width all people have on servers, i think rsync is util only if your want make daily backups, anyway if want daily backup, i think the best option is backup to second hard drive , tape backup, external disk etc etc

I work in backup, based on what i need : ) and think can be util for some users.

Soon back with that backup, now working on the rotation, little freezzed with that.

Thats exactly what I’m doing, a daily backup to a second drive. I just dont know how easy it will be to restore SiteWorx account with a “general” non-Iworx backup. I believe I can restore all my siteworx accounts from this backup without using NodeWorx backup/restore. I have yet to test this, but Im going to try when I get a break from working and will try to restore a rsync backup on a test server I have. I’m sure it will mess up the license and stuff because it’s going to another server, but I just want to see if it works okay just by copying back all the files and databases. If it does then I guess I dont have to worry about the NodeWorx one.

In my opinon, i think the best way for restore if have break is celan interworx install and the restore from interworx.
You can faster restore in batch with simple script form shell.

Aditional to that, if you have resellers, can create manually account fro that resellers, and then move sites in batch with script to reseller account with script i finsih soon : )

Backup done !

Finally my little util its finished.
In few hours i plain publish for download for free.

1 This util use native interworx backup
2 Transfer files using secure ssh to remote server
3 Little util for key server included
4 Report by mail when backup start, and report when finsih, with time date, and backup sized included in the report
5 Auoto rotate old backups:
Save last backup, save new backup. Optional safe mode, if backup fail, old backup not rotated.

Soon publish all info in Hacks / Tools / Tips / Tricks