Remote mail server solutions


We have successfully centralized our DNS system away from the hosting servers. Now I would like to look into doing the same thing with our mail servers.

What solutions are others using? I would like to setup a separate server to handle email traffic and leave the hosting servers to handle the web traffic.

I am away that this will create a need for second controlpanel for customers to setup their accounts but what solutions have others used? Is there an easy way to migrate all existing email user accounts to the central mail server?


I’m not sure if remote email accounts will work.

However, you could setup a remote SMTP server and load up the spamassassin/clamav/dspam/etc whatever you need to filter mail. Just change the MX records to that remote SMTP server. Your users will still be logging into your Interworx servers to retrieve their mail. Qmail will pull all of the clean mail from the remote server to your Interworx servers.

You could try other mail servers on the remote SMTP if you wish. I think Postfix has good anti-spam built into it. Or you can play around with other Qmail patches that don’t necessarily play nice with Interworx.

If you have multiple Interworx servers they could all use that one SMTP/anti-spam/anti-virus gateway. It’s pretty nice to have all of that activity off of Interworx servers.

Did you try this ?

Any news. ?