removing IP addresses.

I’ve added a range of IP addresses through interworx but am unable to remove them. Can you tell me how best to take them out?


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Hi John,
you should be able to remove the IPs by changing “Active on System” drop down to “No” for those IPs, and then choosing “Commit Changes” dropdown at the bottom of the page.


That did it. Unfortunately I have to now click 255 drop down boxes. Hooray class C. Hooray foolish configurations.


well… I take it back, it wasn’t 255, it was 510. Not only do you have to click the “active on system” drop down, but you need to do it to the “active on interworx-cp” drop down as well.

Would it not be easier if there was an option in the “Commit Changes” drop down that allowed you to simply removed the checked items?


Hi John-

You’ll be happy to know that we’ve already fixed this “feature” in the next version. If you deactivate the IP address from the system, it will deactivate it for InterWorx-CP as well (so only 255 clicks would be needed, well, 256 if you count the commit :slight_smile: )

However, your point is valid, if we allow you to add a range of IP addresses, perhaps we should allow you to deal with those IP addresses as a group.