Reseller Panel Demo

Is there a demo of the reseller panel I could see?

Hi Eean-
We’re working on developing some flash tutorials for the reseller interface, but there is no timeline for those as of yet. Do you have any specific questions we can answer about the reseller interface?

No, not really. I just wanted to have a look and a little play with it :slight_smile:

Currently Im deciding on which CP to use. So its nice to have a play :wink:

We have a live demo of InterWorx and of the included reseller interface here: The reseller interface is at the NodeWorx level.

Feel Free to play as long as you like :slight_smile: Also, if you have any questions please ask! We’ll be happy to answer them.

And yes, this should have been mentioned in the first post, but it’s monday morning and somone has a case of the mondays (me) :wink:

Thanks :slight_smile:

So from my understanding, the resellers interface is like the NodeWorkx one, but only with access to things such as packages, user, etc. which they have created?

That is correct Eean. It is a restricted view of the NodeWorx interface for the purpose of creating SiteWorx accounts as a reseller.