Restore fails on a different server


here goes my story.

I have a VPS at JaguarPC. I have a business critical domain there and I would like to back it up and restore it on a different server (my local dev server) for security purposes.

I did the backup at JaguarPC with this command:


I transfered the backup file (domain.dk_sep.21.2006-11.02.49.tar.gz) via ftp to my local server. On my local server I installed a demo license version of iworx and it has been up and running just fine.

Now I tried to do a restore of the backup on this server by issuing this command:

/home/interworx/bin/import.pex --archive=/tmp/domain.tar.gz --control-panel=siteworx --ip-address=

The IP address of my server is of course Now everything has stalled on my server and I cant get any further and Nodeworx doesnt work no more either!

When I try to run this command:

/etc/init.d/iworx start

I get this message:

[root@allau-centos backup]# /etc/init.d/iworx start
Starting InterWorx-db:                                     [  OK  ]
Starting InterWorx-web:                                    [  OK  ]
/usr/local/interworx/include/IWorxDbUtil.php(41): DB Error: connect failed

/usr/local/interworx/include/IWorxDebug.php debug_printstacktrace (275)
/usr/local/interworx/include/IWorxDbUtil.php debug_die (41)
/usr/local/interworx/include/IWorxDbUtil.php db_connect (447)
/usr/local/interworx/include/nodeworx/IPAddress.php db_connect (742)
/usr/local/interworx/include/nodeworx/IPAddress.php getlist (971)
/usr/local/interworx/bin/ip.php activateall (107)
/usr/local/interworx/bin/ip.php ip_setopts (61)
/usr/local/interworx/bin/ip.php ip (47)

Binding IP Aliases:                                        [FAILED]

Can anyone help me or point me in any direction? I cant even revert Nodeworx to a good state again… any help will be highly appriciated.

Thanks for listening.

Please open a ticket, and we’ll check it out.