Restoring access rights on siteworx account


I know that this was brought up in a post somewhere here, but I don’t find it right now - so I ask again;

How do I restore the default access rights for all the files under a particular siteworx account?

I can remembering there being a script included in NodeWorx that will do just this, but don’t remember the syntax or the script in question.

TIA! :slight_smile:

~iworx/bin/varpermsfix.pex will fix the files in the account/var directory (email, databases and stuff) but if you want to do the stuff in the html directory I think you just need to chown -R * the contents of that dir.

DO NOT chown the entire contents of your user’s directory as that some of the files inside var are owned by other users!

Or, if you do chown your entire home dir, run varpermsfix.pex right after to fix the var directory.

YUP :slight_smile:

I should have added that – guess I’m more tired than I thought :wink: