Revert from Beta to Release - the default channel.

How to get back to the default channel?

Yesterday I switched to Beta and now I want to go back to Release.

  • I clicked on Software Updates.
  • Under update channels in the InterWorx Update Channel: dropdrown I chose Release (Default).
  • Then clicked on update and nothing happened.
  • Below under Available Updates clicked on Check for updates and no updates were available.

What an I doing wrong? I am certain this has come up before but my searches produce nothing.

Any Ideas?


Hi Scott

I’m sorry, my understanding is that or not reversible.

I could be wrong though, we only use test servers for beta channel

Many thanks


That makes sense and this would make sense in the documentation.

<h1> Switching to the Beta channel is not reversible. Use only on test servers</h1>

I know not to use beta software on production servers but I have used cPanel for years and you can switch to another channel and go back.

I got a feeling I know what I will be doing tonight:)

Any thoughts on what I should backup to make the restoring a fresh VPS faster?


Hi Scott

Oh dear, sounds like you’ll be busy.

There are 3 different channels which can be switched between, stable, release and release candidate from memory, each with a variant level of updates, ranging from the very stable to just below beta, but once on beta, as you posted, no going back.

If you have not made a fast vps backup, then I would think you would be best advised to fully backup the siteworx accounts in full, reinstall interworx and restore siteworx accounts.

The only issue I think you might face is the passwords and usernames for siteworx, FTP email etc may have to recreated perhaps, as these are stored in IW database, and that will have been updated in beta I believe.

I could wrong though sorry.

If you have access to another IW cp, then you maybe able to import from your IW to IW, reinstall interworx and import IW to IW back again.

I hope that helps a little and good luck

Many thanks


Just to let you know where I am at, I made my backups, wiped the VPS and re-installed, from the time I re-installed it was 32 minutes 15 seconds until the 2 most important domains were live. Since then all domains are live.

I still have a crap load of things to tidy up but all in all no a bad experience. Being new to InterWox this was a good learning experience it is good to know if the server takes a dive I am 30 minutes away from a clean install.

Thanks John