RHEL/CentOS 5 & PHP 5

From the FAQ:

When are you planning to support php5?

 It?s [B]not high on the list[/B] at this point. As folks request it more and standardize on php5 we?ll get it in the mix...

Since RHEL 5 is out & CentOS 5 will be released soon, and both ship with PHP 5, are there any plans to change the lack of support for PHP 5? MySQL 5? Apache 2.2?


Hi Bill,

RHEL/CentOS 5 support is in the works, and when those OS’s are supported, the php, mysql, and httpd versions they come with will be supported as well. InterWorx doesn’t really depend on the system PHP. MySQL, or httpd versions at all, so upgrading to MySQL 5 and PHP 5 is possible now, some folks have done this already.

As you’ve discovered, much of the website is outdated. We’re aware this is a problem, and know it’s important, and now that version 3.0 is very close to completion we’ll be able to focus our energy on getting the website back in proper form.



Thanks, Paul!

Does CentOS support upgrading? I know I went from like 4.3 to 4.4, but not sure how it would be going from 4.4 to 5.0?

I figure I will test some of my OScommerce and more complex PHP websites on a temp VPS server with CentOS and then if all works okay I will just upgrade my current server (if possible).

Really looking forward to moving to PHP5 / MySQL5, well I should say to using it, not the moving part :slight_smile:

EDIT: Was just reading here (http://www.centos.org/docs/5/html/Installation_Guide-en-US/ch-upgrade-x86.html) and seems like the best thing to do is a new server and move stuff over. Guess I’ll wait and see after the final CentOS 5 is out.

When I checked out CentOS website (http://www.centos.org/) earlier it said it was beta. Just checked again now and apparently its out for real now.

Going to wait until Iworx officially supports it before doing anything, but Im pretty sure CentOS is near the top of the list of supported OS so probably wont be waiting too long :cool:

Is it possible to install InterWorx on the new centOS 5 or will there be functions be corrupt?

The interworx installer won’t work for centos 5 just yet.


[quote=IWorx-Paul;12542]The interworx installer won’t work for centos 5 just yet.


ok. short but clear answer :wink: we will just sit and wait.

Is CentOS 5 support planned for the final release of Iworx 3.0.x? Or will it be included in a future Iworx 3.X.X upgrade?

It probably doesn’t need to coincide withe a 3.x.x, but just needs some internal Iworx testing before they open themselves up to more support tickets