We are picking up a large project and I think between InterWorx and HAProxy the two would make a great combo for this. However what are the limitations or scalability of InterWorx? Meaning can and will the worx recognize and us 10Gbps NIC’s and Infiniband NIC’s? Assuming the OS seems them and are configured correctly?

Also how big can we scale? 40 - 50 webservers?

If we can, our planned setup is something along this line.

Storage Array:
Dual Intel E3=1230v2’s
64GB’s RAM
8 x 3TB RAID 10 LSI
Dual 10Gbps NIC’s

Database Server:
Dual Xeon E5-2620’s
128GB’s RAM
8 x 512 840Pro SSD’s RAID 10 LSI
Dual 10Gbps NIC’s

10 x Web Servers
Xeon E3-1270
16GB’s RAM
1Gbps NIC

Cluster Head
Xeon E3-1270
60GB Intel SSD
Dual 10Gbps NIC’s

Without knowing more about the application / website. Will the cluster head handle this?

Thank you very much,


Hi Anthony -

Sounds like quite the setup! Obviously, as you allude, the application workload would be quite the variable, but InterWorx itself should have no problem with the scenario you’re describing.

The biggest gotcha in large setups like this is usually not InterWorx, but the external storage server. If your storage machine can handle 40 or 50 connections, then you should be peachy with the rest.

Assuming the OS is OK with it, there’s very little chance of problems with the NICs in InterWorx.

Let us know if you have any questions! You might want to consider becoming a reseller (to resell to yourself alone) for volume discounts if you’re scaling that far.


Morning Tim,

Thanks for the OK, in our test benches we have been using HAProxy and all is working, but the customer wants some more controls and all the pretty graphs. It is also so very nice this customer planned ahead on the design of the site, and used subdomains instead of directories. Example. instead of the normal… makes life so much easier to scale up. Now we can setup more head/storage for each of the subdomains. … If we get this project I will post some pictures and the finial specs.