ScriptWorx - dotProject

I just installed dotProject with ScriptWorx. When running the application for the first time it gave a permissions error. The file /includes/config.php was set to 600. When I changed it to 644 everything worked fine.

A small bug?

Hi Nack-
Yep, that is a small bug that will be fixed with the new release of InterWorx. We’ll also be enhancing the scriptworx system in this and subsequent releases, adding more scripts, script management capabilities and other niceties.


Whats the ETA on a new release?


We rarely set publicized release dates as we like to release when 100% “ready”. That said a release late next week or early the following one is looking likely based on our efforts.


Understandable… any time to reply to my ticket about the extra fields in dns-export.php…


It’s on my todo list and will/should be out in the next release. Have been out of town or I’d have responded quicker :).