ScriptWorx : Egroupware


I’ve tested the installation of egroupware.

I installed it in the directory egroupware

In the html’s parent directory there is directory created by egroupware called eware1.

When I try to run the filemanager in egroupware, I have this message

“Fake Base directory does not exist and could not be created, please ask the administrator to check the global configuration”

When I debug the program it appears that is_dir causes the pbm.

Indeed I’ve done a little script to test is_dir and I have :
‘/home/account/’ = OK
‘/home/account’ = KO
‘/home/account/’ = KO
‘/home/account/’ = KO

So is_dir doesn’t see the ewar1 as a directory. It seems that it is the pbm.

What is the “fake base directory” ?
What I have to do ?



does somebody has successfuly ran the filemanager in egroupware ?

Some people from egroupware told me to create 2 directories under ewar1 called
users and groups

but I still have the pbm

Any idea ?