ScriptWorx How To?

How does this work?

Do I have to enable it in NodeWorx under ‘ScriptWorx Global Options’ for it to work?

Or can I just enable the individual scripts?

Or both?

I tried enabling the ‘Global’ and PHPbb and I dont see anything different in SiteWorx.


You probably also need to click Edit next to the SiteWorx account you’d like to use ScriptWorx on and turn ScriptWorx to On at the bottom.

Um… Yeah, I guess turning it on would help.

I tried installing it on a domain that has 2 databases available. I am using 1 database and the other one is just available and I get an error saying not enough databases available, any ideas?



Also, this could be a problem… I already have a manually installed PHPbb on the site Im trying to add. Im trying to create the forum to a different folder, but not sure if this could be causing the problem.

The new problem I got now (I added a 3rd database) is somethign about that the mysql could not run from the command line.

Here is the exact error message:

? There was a problem invoking mysql through the command line
? The script could not be installed successfully

I tried this with another ‘clean’ siteworx account with the same result. Also, it says I didn’t have enough databases even though I was using 0 / 2, when I added a third (0/3) I got the above error.

That database number problem is interesting, we’ll check that out. Regarding the “invoking mysql through the command line” error - I’ve seen this once before and to fix it I needed to do:

mysqladmin -u root -p flush-hosts

(enter your root MySQL password)

to fix the problem.

The error message that InterWorx ran into was most likely the “Host ‘localhost.localdomain’ is blocked because of many connection errors. Unblock with ‘mysqladmin flush-hosts’” error.

Give that a try and see if it fixes that mysql error.


I typed the command. Even though I forgot my admin mysql password it fixed it anyway.

Thx Paul

I’m also getting the “you do not have enougn databases to install this script” error.

I investigating I am finding that tehre is somethung wrong with mysql – the restart and stop commands fail from the command line.

[root@centos root]# service mysqld restart
Stopping MySQL: [FAILED]
Starting MySQL: [ OK ]
[root@centos root]#

In the past I’ve had this problem and a reboot fixed it. It didn’t this time. Now I am getting the following error when using ScriptWorx

? /home/interworx/include/database.php(40): DB Error: connect failed
? /home/interworx/include/IWorxDebug.php debug_printstacktrace (273)
? /home/interworx/include/database.php debug_die (40)
? /home/interworx/include/drivers/db/MySQL.php db_connect (390)
? /home/interworx/include/scriptworx/Script.php adddatabase (643)
? /home/interworx/include/scriptworx/phpBB.php _adddatabase (103)
? /home/interworx/bin/scriptworx.php install (117)
? /home/interworx/bin/scriptworx.php scriptworx_install (78)
? /home/interworx/bin/scriptworx.php scriptworx (53)

I was getting this error on my Beta box a few days ago but it disappeared when the 2.0.2-2 rpm’s were installed (current are 2.0.2-3) I will check this out onthe beta box.

everything works fine onthe beta box. Anybody have any ideas?

Does scriptworx automatically update the packages?

Like phpBB for example, does scriptworx automatically update to the latest version and update any siteworx accounts using scriptworx phpBB?

Justin and I were looking at this yesterday and it appears to be a legitimate bug since I’ve had the same problem on two boxes as well. We figured out that we need a minimum of THREE databases for ScriptWorx to work. Are there possibly “hidden” databases that ScriptWOrx is finding but NodeWorx doesn’t show for some reason. It’s very odd. The short term solution is to add more databases to an account and it now works fine.

Hi Guys,

This problem should be fixed in the bug fix release that went out yesterday (2.0.3).


Okay thanks Paul. I’ll let you know if I have anymore problems

Just to clarify, version 2.0.3-3


Good question – as updating phpBB2 can be, well … a little more than time consuming (esp. this last year).

Will any/all of the Scriptworx scripts get an automatic update in the same manner as Apache/mySQL/php?


Will any/all of the Scriptworx scripts get an automatic update in the same manner as Apache/mySQL/php?

Not yet and we’re not positive it’s doable cleanly in a fair amount of time. If it were an easy upgrade as apache/php/mysql are we’d do it but there are many more variables. We’ll definitely try, but can’t make any promises at this point.


Yeah it would be hard. It’s not like there is an rpm called scripworx containing the scripts, I gather they must be stored in one of the core PPM’s. phpBB updates itself a lot more often than InterWorx releases upgrades :slight_smile:

Right – which was really my reason for asking.

A few scenarios:

ScriptWorx installs a script. Enjoy. No upgrades, no patches.

Hopeful/(near future?):
ScriptWorx installs a script. For any point releases those scripts undergo (phpBB2 2.0.15 to 2.0.16, etc), the original Scriptworx install would be updated so that the initial and future install by any SiteWorx client would always be the ‘most recent.’ Any upgrades required after the fact would be the client’s/customer’s responsibility.

Heavenly/(far future?):
ScriptWorx installs a script. All upgrades/patches/fixes happen via SiteWorx, whether on initial install or via updates.

I’m probably dreaming with the last of them – but the second scenario could have enough of a theoretcial advantage. It seems possible in this way that, someone could “backup” their phpBB2 install – uninstall/re-install via ScriptWorx the latest version and “restore” their database.


I think the only way to realistically do that would be to lock down the installes and have IWorx allow only certian directories to be changed. People will apply mod after mod to software and then should ScriptWorx try to perform an update it would clobber everything. In the end there would probably be even MORE support problems.

Even if you use in-software backups (or just back-up the DB) and do an uninstall, install, restore backup, there wil still be problems. I’ve come across a lot of custom installs where people mod their software to the point where it can never be updated by anyone but a PHP developer merging clean version diffs by hand.

So, practical options are:

  • Give the users a jumpstart and have them patch on their own
  • Lock users into a server-wide stock install and prohibit all modifications
  • Lock users into a server-wide stock install and allow minor modification depending on software (extra themes for PhpBB, etc…)

With all that said, I’d bet the IWorx crew could put together a system that would attempt to patch software, stock or modified, and bail out if it can’t telling the user to upgrade by hand. As skilled as they are, given the state of the universe, I think it would be months before they could call it beta depending on the software.

A good deal of the popular software out there just wasn’t designed with this in mind.

I agree whole-heartedly …

Though, what most of us do is probably version 2 anyway (just by hand). Doesn’t seem that it would be too hard to support that option. At least that way, everyone with an InterWorx box is always guaranteed the latest version of the script at the time of install.


Just for fun ->

Seemed like too big a coincidence.

The current ScriptWorx is definitely not what we would deem feature-complete. And JayBean laid out the options well and CMI pointed out the obvious problems with an auto-upgradable system. The short answer is that we’ll do something, but as of yet I’m not sure what that something will be :).

Sorry for the vagueness and we’ll have more details as we get into it. Let’s just say that we’ve already started thinking about it as it’s the next logical step :).