ScriptWorxs Better Control of install directory

ScriptWorxs is great! However it does have some very LIMITING characteristics.

And one of those are the directory in which the “script” is loaded too. Case in point. The Soholaunch script, its a nice web site builder, however Soholaunch MUST be installed into root for it to be used correctly and with the requirement of ScriptWorks to have you install in a subdirectory like /something that makes Soholaunch virtually of no value. I have since disabled it, and the ironic thing is I was one that pushed hard to have it added to ScriptWorx.

With the popularity of programs like WordPress where most users of the program make it their entire web site, so WordPress would need to be loaded into root. That also goes for most any other program in ScriptWorx. The limiting factor for the average guy that wants to load a ScriptWOrx script onto their site and wishes it to be their main site, like Word Press, Soholaunch, any of the Ecommerce packages, well they are tough out of luck.

My suggestion is to give ScriptWorx’s end user a option, and here would be the wording on the two options.

  1. Select this option if you wish the this script to be loaded to Web Root and act as your your web site.
    WARNING Choosing this option will make this script your main web site and could erase any pages you have already uploaded.

  2. Select this option if you want to add this script into a child directory.
    FYI: This is the choice you need to select if you wish to ADD this to your over all web site.

Surely this wouldn’t be that hard to do, giving the end user a choice.