Secondary Domains using same files as Master Domain


I recently began using Interworx – hopefully this is not too stupid of a question.

I will use to represent my master domain, and site2 to represent my secondary domain.

In NodeWorx, I set up a SiteWorx account with I then logged into that SiteWorx account and created secondary domain (NOT pointer domain)

I then FTPed into the server, and was taken to the folder containing and I loaded a test image file test.gif into’s html folder. does not work - file not found. I then delete that file and instead load the file into’s html folder. Now both and display the image, even though it is only in’s html folder.

This does not strike me as the correct behavior, but I am used to other control panel software so perhaps I am not grasping the InterWorx implementation properly.

Any help is appreciated! Thank you!


Since the forum hyperlinked those URLs – I want to clarify – and are not my actual sites – they are placeholders used to illustrate the story.

Two Things

OK, two things:

  1. After doing some more research, I guessed that this is a NameVirtualHost issue. So, I edited /etc/httpd/conf.d/namevirtualhost.conf and added the line:

NameVirtualHost <MyIPAddress>:80

Saved that, restarted httpd and voila - and now load their own files appropriately.

Why did I have to add this line manually? Is this normal? And will doing this break anything?

  1. I should have probably posted this in the SiteWorx discussion rather than the NodeWorx discussion. Oops!

Hi Webdev,

This is not normal - InterWorx should add the namevirtualhost.conf configuration line when it is first installed (and auto detects the IP’s currently on the system) and also when adding new IPs on the IP configuration screen. Did you recall how this IP was added?

This should have been automatic. I’m going to try to trigger this error on a box running CentOS 6. Was this a fresh install? Have you upgraded recently?

hi, i am actually experiencing this problem now. am using 4.10.1 interworx

how can i resolve this problem?