Separate email server from main web/mysql server?

We have been a cPanel customer for years but, we’re starting to question if we’re going to stay with them or look for another server management solution.

The question I have is…

We’re looking to separate email services from the main server and have that reside on a second server and… have it so that we can track disk and bandwidth usage for both and have it apply against the clients allotment. Can Interworx support a setup like this?

Servers go down from time to time and the biggest thing they seem to gripe about is loss of email services first, then web services second. We want to have a single system manage all of this but, have those services spread on separate servers to lower downtimes.

cPanel doesn’t even remotely support this even with their clustering so, we’re looking to think outside of the box on this one.


Hi webjive

We are currently trying a beta which I can’t say to much about, but interworx cluster would do I believe exactly what your posting about.

I would suggest you open a surpport ticket and speak with Brett as I’m sure you’ll be impressed

I hope that helps and we have setup cluster test server, which worked lovely

Many thanks


Hi webjive!

This sounds like a setup that could be accomplished through our clustering system.

Basically, you’d setup an InterWorx cluster, and then add load-balancing policies for mail. You can distribute the load equally between all cluster nodes or weight specific ones, but by default, any node in a cluster can serve mail requests.

In order for quotas to be calculated correctly, the important thing would be, in the Server >> Settings page of NodeWorx on the Cluster Manager, set the quota partition to the location of the users home directories, which will probably be /chroot/home.

Our clustering documentation would be helpful for planning out your cluster:

If you’d like some demo licenses to use for setting up the cluster, just email us at