Server DNS Question ??

I use a domain at my domain registrar for DNS and all the A records are set there.

if i wanted to use that domain for a website, would i be right in saying that if the nameservers were changed at my registrar and an account setup in nodeworx for the domain.
i would then be hosting the DNS on my own server and would have to add the A records to the domain record in nodeworx to make every thing work.
or is that just a bad idea ??.
or is there a better way ?

Hope i have explained that correctly.

thank you

I’m not a DNS expert but I think I know what you’re up to. Instead of sparring with two DNS hosts, I think you should host all of the domain’s DNS on your Nodeworx server if you are going to host a site and particularly if you plan to host email services for the domain in question.

If you point the domain to your Nodeworx nameservers and store and host zone records for that domain in Nodeworx, you’ll be hosting its DNS, and duplicate records at the registrar need to go. Siteworx will add the zone with a fresh set of records when you create a hosting account. There you can modify them just as you would at the registrar. Depending which records are in your template, you may need to change a CNAME record to an A record for your www. entry. You could do this at the registrar also as long as nameservers are ready and willing. Hope I interpreted your question and helped.

thanks for your reply
yes your correct and i have just tried it and seems to work ok with no problems.
it does seem to have improved the loading of my webpages but not sure if that made any difference or not.
But i only know the DNS basics but may be some one else will chime in and give an opinion.