Server Setup

Hi Guys,

So - I was talking to sliqua about this last night and it all got a bit confusing on my part.

When I purchase my servers, will I have to make sure there is a SECOND LAN card in the box’s, and will I then have to connect all servers to a private switch as well as the one at the DC so they can send the data to eachother?


What exactly were you wondering? That’s exactly what it is. It’s a private lan (sometimes called a vlan) between the boxes and it won’t count toward your main bandwith as it goes through a different switch. I’m not sure of the DC would chaerge you for it separately or not – my guess is not

What DC is this Voxel? ev1 ?


I know, i did wonder - but im not the most technically able person in the world. Actually, none - the DC im using is alongside me in the UK, and no they don’t charge for internal transfer.

Thanks for your help though.

No Problem :slight_smile: