server software supported...

Hello, I am wondering about supported software. Not OSes, but most common packets, like BIND, Apache, etc. You see, there’s another “web hosting automation system” which still doesn’t support Bind 9x or Apache 2x. I’m just curious, before spending $$$.

Thank you!

Well, previously they had a page on the site that listed the software that was installed along with the InterWorx Suite.

Since I don’t see that anymore, I’ll run down what I know from memory and I’m sure an IW person will be along to complete/correct.

  • Apache 2.0.51
  • PHP 4.3.8
  • MySQL 4.0.21
  • PERL 5.8.0
  • TinyDNS
  • QMail

Yeah, we’ll get an updated “software” page up on the site soon. Here’s what the old page used to say:

E-mail Management
Mail delivery is handled by Qmail. Qmail is a very stable and very secure MTA and after trying every other open source MTA available the decision was made that the best security/stability/performance ratio was provided by Qmail.

Mail end-user access is handled by Vpopmail and Courier-IMAP both of which are developed by Inter7. Vpopmail and Courier-IMAP deliver secure and very capable POP3 and IMAP servers as well as a unified authentication system for POP/IMAP-before-SMTP configurations.

FTP Server
We’ve chose ProFTPD as NodeWorx’s main FTP server. This decision was made mainly for ProFTPD’s flexibility and ease of integration with MySQL as well as it’s scalable architecture and Apache-like configuration system.

Web Servers
The web server choice was our easiest decision. The Apache web server is the obvious choice and InterWorx-CP supports Apache 2.x series.

DNS Server
While most DNS servers are built on BIND, our team chose the djbdns suite of tools which includes dnscache and tinydns. After originally starting with BIND and dealing with many BIND security holes and searching for an easy DNS-SQL database system, the decision was made to use djbdns and we’ve never looked back. It is small, fast, scalable and most of all secure.

Database Server
MySQL is becoming more and more ubiquitous and was an obvious choice after PHP was selected as the language that InterWorx would be written in. MySQL is a fast, portable database system.

And sonicgroup’s post is correct, except that we just updated PHP to 4.3.9 yesterady (the latest).