Setting Bandwidth Limitation?

I am not sure if this can be done through Interworx, or it is through some Apache configuration file, but how can I set a maximum bandwidth, for example in kilobytes per user, making sure nobody hogs up everything?

I found some interesting text on this webpage

It is “A User’s Guide” for something called Squid.

The text includes this text:

The Second Pool Class

As I discussed in this section’s introduction, delay pools can help you stop one user from flooding your links with downloads. You could place each user in their own pool, and then set limits on a per-user basis, but administrating these lists would become painful almost immediately. By using a different pool type, you can set rate limits by IP address easily.

Let’s consider another example: you have a 128kbit per second line. Since you want some bandwidth available for things like SMTP, you want to limit web access to 100kbit per second. At the same time, you don’t want a single user to use more than their fair share of sustained bandwidth. Given that you have 20 staff members, and 100kbit per second remaining bandwidth, each person should not use more than 5kbit per second of bandwidth. Since it’s unlikely that every user will be surfing at once, we can probably limit people to about four times their limit (that’s 20kbit per second, or 2.5kbytes per second).

In the following example, we change the delay class for pool 1 to 2. Delay class 2 allows us to specify both an aggregate (overall) bandwidth usage and a per-user usage. In the previous example the delay_paramaters tag only took one set of options, the aggregate peak and burst rates. Given that we are now using a class-two pool, we have to supply two sets of options to delay_parameters: the overall speed and the per-IP speed. The 100kbits per second value is converted to bytes per second by dividing by 8 (giving us the 12500 values), and the per-IP value of 2.5kbits per second we discovered is converted to bytes per second (giving us the 2500 values.)

Example 6-27. Limiting both overall and per-user bandwidth usage

acl all src
delay_pool_count 1
delay_class 1 2
delay_parameters 1 12500/12500 2500/2500
delay_access 1 allow all

Is Squid part of a standard Linux configuration? Or in other words do I have Squid?

I think its usages is limited to a being a proxy server providing access to the net to users via proxy. For older versions of apache you had mod_throttle and mod_bandwidth but they are not ported to apache 2. Found this thred on a forum, might be worth a try