Setting up crons

Hello everyone,

I don’t run crons a whole lot and forget how to set them up. I read the instructions for Interworx and followed them and keep getting this error message:
/bin/sh: /aggregate/index.php: No such file or directory

So I have two questions. First, when it asks for the Path, how do I determine what the path is (and can more than one path be inserted)? Second, in the script section, what info do I have to give? Here are the instructions for the program that I am installing:

[COLOR=Red]After installation you have to add three cron jobs - cron should execute the script /aggregate/index.php, /ping/index.php, /batch/index.php in any time you would like your blog to be updated, pinged and activated. To know for sure which cron commands need to be added to the crontab please see information in Operations Center from your browser. However, you will be able to initiate aggregation and pinging manually from the management area. You’ll find a tutorial for this in the help file also…

[COLOR=Black]Your help is greatly appreciated,


Firstly, you don’t want to be running a php file with the sh command.

Secondly, I doubt, if this is part of a web-script, that your location of the file is indeed /aggregate/ as this would suggest its in the root of the filesystem. It’s more likely to be;


In this case, try the following, replacing the obvious:

/usr/bin/php /home/yourdoma/