Setting up SSL

so i setup an account, gave it SSL access, but cant seem to find any SSL options in siteworx for that account.

couldn’t find any documentation/instructions on setting up SSL, beyond this:

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Does the account have his own dedicated IP? if not you won’t see any option for it.

Here do you have the flash tuto’s for Siteworx below the page you have all about ssl

yes, it does have a dedicated IP
i have looked at the flash tutorial (just found it), its just that the SSL Option link on the left menu, is just not there

oops yes thats a problem. maybe it is a option to create a support ticket?


ok i lied…
when i was setting up the account i was runnign into disk quota errors, so kept having to try and add it, after i fixed the quota thing it worked, but must have defaulted it back to the shared address

i recreated it on a dedicated IP and it worked…

thanks so much for your help

The prerequisites for that menu option showing up are:

1.) account has to be on a dedicated IP

2.) SSL has to be turned on for that account.

If both of these are met, which you say they are, then it should be there. Please open a ticket with your server info and we’ll check it out!

Glad you figured it out!