Single Account Import

I’m having issues doing a Single Account restore from Iworx box to Iworx box and getting this message at the end of the “failure output,”

Invalid option value : Storage Space

The account should have unlimited space available to it.

What does this error mean, and is there another restore option that may allow it to work better?


Bad news is the backup file is “corrupt”. Good news is it’s really easy for us to fix it. :slight_smile: Please open a ticket, let us know where we can access the backup file, and we’ll fix it up for you.


Grand … good to hear.

This file is between 300 and 400 MB – would it make sense for me to have the file available on the destination server and then give you access?


It doesn’t really matter to me where it is, as long as I can get to the file. :slight_smile:


… and, ticket closed.

Thanks for the assist Socheat - worked like a charm.


Can you post a patch or instructions on how to fix a backup file that is corrupt? I have this same problem on our dedicated server.