Sites Moved to Reseller Accounts

OK, I am not sure if there is a way to do this already or if I am posting in correct area but here is what I would like to see in NodeWorx regarding resellers.

Lets say a new site (account) is added in NodeWorx, and later lets say you need to move that site (account) out of NodeWorx to a Reseller account. Currently in the Ensim Pro 4 (another Control Panel system I use) that is easily done, just select the reseller from a drop down list of resellers and then save it and that site (account) is now assigned to that Reseller, and visa versa. (Added to say this is done from with in the account site up, as Appliance Administrator. In InterWorx I would think this would be option added to the account in NodeWorx only.)

I would like to see the ability in InterWorx to do the same, as of now other than deleting the site (account) from NodeWorx and then adding again in the Reseller account is the only way I know of doing something like this.

If there is a way to do this please let me know. Thanks!

You can log in as the reseller and add the account from there.

Or another way to move an EXISTING siteworx account to a reseller is to back it up, copy the backup, delete it and restore the backup under the reseller.

I agree with you and I hope to see this feature included in future releases of Iworx.

jerricho, thanks for the feedback! Wow, that seems a lot harder to move than simply selecting a Reseller from a drop down menu and then clicking the save button. But its good to know at least it can be done.

Hopefully that will change in a future release, one not to distant in the future.

It’s high on the list guys, the moving between reseller accounts isn’t there now but will be :).


Chris, is there a way to do this manually? Like editing a table?

Chris, is there a way to do this manually? Like editing a table?

There is, but I don’t recommend it and really don’t want to publicize it will just cause more needless support tickets in the short term for folks who “accidentally” messed up their DB.