SiteWorx 2.0 Changes

SiteWorx 2.0 Changes

Version 2.0 brings many changes to the SiteWorx interface for users of the 1.x version of InterWorx-CP. This document will review some of these changes.

The main InterWorx theme has been redone. It now utilizes less hard coding and more css and Javascript, along with fewer graphics which provide faster loading and a cleaner look. The main menu on the left utilizes more submenus which expand and contract as needed. It is divided up into the following main categories:

  • Services – contains the screens for creating and managing the web services assigned to the SiteWorx account. This can include email, MySQL databases, ftp accounts, subdomains, and pointer domains. These are essentially unchanged from previous versions.
  • Stats – contains screens to access the integrated statistics packages Webalizer, AW Stats, Analog, and Realtime statistics. These screens are essentially unchanged from previous releases.
  • Backup/Restore – contains the screens needed to make backups of your account and do incremental backups. These screens have received a facelift from 1.9.x but the functions are the same. Full restores are still only available from NodeWorx. The naming scheme of the backup archives has changed however.
  • Logs – contains screens providing direct access to your Error Log, Recent Visitors, and Daily Transfer Logs.

Also on the main menu are:

  • User Accounts – allowing you to create additional SiteWorx users (unchanged)
  • CRON Jobs – allowing you to create CRON jobs at the SiteWorx level. New in 2.0 is the ability to specify which shell is being used for the CRON job and the default system pathes.
  • Preferences – allowing you to specify weather you want your account to be burstable or not and weather you want to save your old web transfer logs. (unchanged)
  • File Manager – providing access to the integrated Filaman file manager (unchanged)

The current version of the software now appears in the lower left corner of every screen.