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I have a client who is sending large amounts of mail, I have suspended the account but mail is still being sent and received.
How can I disable the mail for that one siteworx account.

Also my mail queue limit was exceeded and had difficulty entering interworx CP and had to remove the mail by SSH. Is there a way to automatically stop mail services when getting close to the limit.

Thank you

Hi Bear

I thought suspending woudl also suspend email but thinking baout it, this may just suspend website

You may need to disable the account in full for email to be stopped.

If you prefer not too, a quick way I woudl think would be to hash out ot delete the domain from rcpthosts

so SSH into server and edit /var/qmail/control/rcpthosts and either hash out or delete domain then save and restart mail service

This should then bounce outgoing/incoming email I think stating not allowed or cannot find in email address

Many thanks


[SIZE=14px]Thanks for your reply John, i will take note should i get an issue again

What i did is add the domain name to[/SIZE] [LEFT][SIZE=14px]MTA Level Outbound E-mail Address Blacklist:
MTA Level Inbound E-mail Address Blacklist[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16px]Seemed to do the trick and once the user had updated his password to a more secure password i removed domain from MTA[/SIZE][SIZE=14px].[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16px]Surprising how quick the mail queue increases, 90,000 messages all together, i will need to find away to limit accounts from sending so many in a short period of time.[/SIZE][SIZE=14px] [/SIZE]


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