Siteworx Backup

My current server has 2 drives. A 120GB SSD drive for the site and a 1TB drive for backups (mounted as /backup). In Siteworx when I select Full Backup it doesn’t allow me to choose the destination. It just adds the file to the iworx-backup directory. Is there a way to change this default directory?

Hi dash

A good question but I do not believe it would be easy.

This is because you would need to maintain the siteworx access separate to each other ie only allow correct siteworx to access their backup and not another siteworx user backup.

I suppose the simplest way would be to run rsync, in its basic form, just rsync all in backup area to new backup area, then run a cron job to delete the backup from the siteworx area.

However, the siteworx client would not be able to access their backup and you would need to restore the backup.

I know there are some good rsync scripts on the forum, I think it was justec who has a good script, so you may want to look.

You could always look to use R1soft or bacula, which are very good as there offsite and allows client to restore, more importantly though, there is no spikes in server resources when the backups/restore are run. I believe licensecart (mike) is currently looking into offering r1soft as a service at the moment (sorry mike if I’m wrong, but I’m sure I read it on your website).

I hope that helps and hopefully, other users may post with their suggestions, as mine are just quick thoughts.

Many thanks