Siteworx Demo mode

ok, i searched the forums and user guide and couldn’t seem to find it, so i will ask here

i want to setup a siteworks demo for customers. since i am trying to get people interested in using Interworx over cPanel i want to provide them the option to see it before they order.

is there a way i can setup a subdomain like that people can access and have it in a “demo mode” so changes are cleared or something.

if not, i can always link to the demo that is online here, but would like to have it more “branded” for my customers.

Unfortunately, no, there isn’t a way to set a specific SiteWorx account into demo mode. You can either set InterWorx (i.e., NodeWorx and SiteWorx) to run in demo mode or not.


thanks for the follow up.

i assume there is no problem with me linking directly to the sitewox demo that is provided here right?

No problem whatsoever. :slight_smile: