SiteWorx emails sent from an invalid domain

I just noticed that emails from the “SiteWorx Server Manager” are being sent with an invalid DNS name. I noticed because AOL bounced a message sent to a user who has elected to use their existing AOL address.

(The correct domain is

Is this a SiteWorx problem, or an issue specific to my system?

My guess is that you have to edit the

/var/qmail/control/me (most likely)

or possibly



Thanks for the reply. Sorry I am so late getting back to you. I did check those settings, and they were correct. I haven’t seen the error since, so I really don’t know at this point… :confused:

Again, thanks for the help.

well the me file is the name of the server (generally the same as the Hostname) and the smtpgreeting file is normally NodeWorx Server Administrator or whatever (what the mail server calls itself. Anyway as long as the problem is fixed it’s all that matters.