Siteworx is installed, have a few questions

The next step obviously is to install the license.

Now right now the machine is just here at my real job with an internal nat address and I haven’t set the hostname either.

Do I need to wait until I have the server in the network where it’ll reside and set the hostname before I install the license.

Or can I install the license and poke around with settings and whatnot before I move the server?

Please advise.


anyone around?

Database setup still failed. Please contact InterWorx Support.

You’ll get the fastest response by opening a support ticket. They check the forums regularly, but the support tickets ensure they know about your issue more quickly.

I think we got you all set yesterday jerricho. We try to troll the forums often but sometimes we miss posts. CMI was right about the ticket, it jolts us :slight_smile: