Slow mailboxes

Whenever I go into the mailboxes section of one of my domains, it takes literally minutes to load. I can’t even setup customer email accounts on site anymore, I have to take down their information and do it later back at the office due to the time it takes to do.

What troubleshooting or logs would assist me in solving this?

This is actually an issue with the control panel which we have an open bug report for. When the Mailboxes page loads, it calculates the storage for all the existing email accounts. If you have a whole bunch of email accounts, or a few accounts with A LOT of mail in them, it’ll take time to calculate the storage for those accounts.

Thanks for the quick response.

That sucks, hwoever. I have quite a few mailboxes (maybe 30 - 40), but a few of them total probably over 50k pieces of mail.

Any ETA on a patch?

I had a similar experience on another server I use and noticed that it was a lot slower on domains with a lot of large mailboxes - could some extra page be added, with a link like “Show mailbox sizes” or something - that way, you’ll be able to do whatever you want on the mail box page, without having to calc. each mailbox every time the page loads :slight_smile:

Any update on this? This is getting really annoying.

We’ve removed email storage calculation completely from 3.0. If you need an immediate fix, please open a ticket and we’ll patch your box to disable email storage calculation.