Slow web pages after moving?

Hello again :slight_smile:
After finally getting my server going, I decided to move most of our webs on to it and strangely, it’s slower than the server where the webs were before!
Here are the specs of each one
OLD SERVER: Celeron 2.0, 512,80GB IDE, 100Mbps network, Windows 2000 Server, php 4.3.11
NEW SERVER: DUAL Xeon 2.8, 1.5GB (waiting for some more memory sticks to come), RAID 1 SCSI 73GB, Centos 4.2 x86, php 4.3.11, 1000Mbps network
It happens even with static pages.
I’ll give you a few clues to see if we can find the problem:

  1. DNS resolving is done on outside servers.
  2. Not very hard resource or bandwith consuming sites (the same ones on one server and on the other)
  3. Memory, processor use and everything seem to be normal (processor not even over 10% at peaks)
  4. Centos server has 2 private IPs and 1 public, but only the public one is serving pages.
  5. I think the new server should be faster, shouldn’t it???

Thanks for your ideas and help!

Based on only that information, there doesn’t seem to be any explanation for significant slowness. Maybe if you could provide details for someone to see the slowness for themselves someone could come up with alternate theories.

I’m SO sorry!!! I forgot to give you a page to test (and had it in my mind!!!):

It loads plenty fast for me.

Loads like lighting on my 5 Mbit connection here in Tulsa, OK

Ok, thanks so much! Everything seems to be back to normal again here… Thanks for checking out! :wink:

Is the new server in a different data center? Problems somewhere on the web could have caused your problems.

No, in same data center. Probably just some odds and manias along the way with the upgrade :wink: Thanks anyway!