Software Updates nugs ?

[B]Hi Interworx Team,

I have problem in “Software Updates” when I want to install the Updates :

1. php    4.4.1-100.rht90.iworx    os    pending
2. php-mysql   4.4.1-100.rht90.iworx   os   pending


Nodeworx doesn’t work, it say :


Finished installing updates.

But when I look at “Php Information” to “Web Server” the version is “4.3.11”.

If you have the solution, please ?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

PS : I have Fedora Core 2, if I receive these packages for Redhat 9 [/B]on my nodeworx , I suppose that I can put them.

We never officially released the 4.4.1 PHP RPMs gimly so not sure how those got in there. I’d advise against using 4.4.1 (search the boards as to why, 4.4.1 breaks a ton of scripts).


Ok thanks Chris