Some sort of VPS panel? A little far fetched, but nevertheless.

This is a little far fetched, but there’s really no decent VPS control panels out there.

It would be nice to see the InterWorx team come up with some sort of InterWorx-like system to handle VPS creation and end-user management in a clustered environment.

Maybe you all are planning this in the upcoming NocWorx release? I noticed Nexcess has started offering Xen VPSes, not sure what you’re using to manage that environment though. :slight_smile:

Just figured I’d throw this out here as I’m asking for the world in my feature requests. :cool:


Yeah, I think that something like this would certainly be “out of scope” for the InterWorx product…I think that this is something in the NOCWorx realm, but don’t hold it against me if I’m wrong - the NOCWorx team is in Michigan, I don’t have much interaction with them! Maybe I can get someone to stick their head in here tomorrow.

There’s no VPS functionality in the NOCWorx system just yet but they’re working on it!

Nice, that’s pretty exciting. :cool:

I really wish I could take a peak at NocWorx though, I missed Hostingcon :frowning:

Nice - thanks, Greg.

I see I’m not the only one that can’t sleep tonight…or are you working overnight?

I’m working my normal hours…(every waking hour) haha

Ditto. Why am I up at 1 AM… I don’t even know! :frowning:

What’s even worse than being up till 1-2-3am is that I get up at 7:30 :smiley:

Yeah, I can’t sleep past 8 or 9, it’s a curse… What’s worse is that I woke up this morning to broken glasses, so not only am I tired but blind. Woo!

Hah ok. You win! :slight_smile:

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