Something I do not want to see...

Am I weird? Ok I don’t want to see the preconfigured one click install of scripts. IE phpnuke and phpBB, I don’t want to see it since its never the latest verion and really people test the crap and forget to delete it blah blah.

The only think I might not mind is a shoping cart. Might just be weird though.

I see what you mean, but this is a feature I’d like to have, espicaly if installed scripts were managed. People can install manually and leave things vurnable, so forgetting about some piece of code they left up there may be a problem, regardless of how it got there.

Now, what would really be nice would be to have InterWorx keep fully functional install copys somewhere and symlink user’s to the central copies. Say someone wanted to install phpBB (ick). A directory could be created for them by SiteWorx wich would SYMLINK most files, COPY a config and COPY a templates directory. This way, users get safe, managed copies of the software easily installed, and they can have individual configs, and custom templates.

That would provide the easy one click install but things would be a little safer. IWorx can grab updates and apply them to the central copy. Anyone using it would automatically see the update. It would actulay be better security wise as users get forced upgrades.

The problem with that method is installing mods - which many, many people do to both bulletin boards, and CMS systems (2 of the most popular categories of 1-click install scripts). With a central version, you can’t mod it. You can only skin it.

Yes. That’s part of the benifit :slight_smile: If someone wants to go that way, they can still install the software themselves. So long as they keep the config file in tact, they can start with the central version, and move to their own copy later if they like.

well, a Fantastico type unstalle is ontheir to do list but like anything else the NodeWorx user could disable access to it from SiteWorx accounts.

Personally I like the idea.