Something interesting about SW account names

When you use a domain or subdomain with a number it spellls it out

user: typothre

BTW does anybody here have any experience using the typo3 CMS. It looks to be exactly what I have been looking for except that it’s so BIG and difficult to configure.


I’ve got one domain I host that is and the account name is intzerox.

At any rate, I’ve looked at Typo3 quite extensively, but have never been brave enough to actually attempt to install and set it up. It’s quite a daunting piece of software.

We do have this tutorial on our hosting site, that may be of some help


Yeah, it does it w/ domain names to (the user name), annoying at first, but i just made an ‘ln’ so i dont confuse myself anymore :wink:

Paul, i think i have seen you pimping those nexcess guides on all my usual places :wink: (ive been linking to them to)

I know. The most confusing thing for me is that it offers so many distributions


I’ve tried installing all of them but the only one I got working (more or less I’m still creating the HTML template) is quickstart. I’m installing that in the home subdirectory of the site I am going to use it for.

I looked at it (and set it aside) before too but none of the others suited my needs. (PHPNuike is so overrated).

I tryed a couple others but none of them have the customizability and features I need without writing half of it by hand (for example the main menu). This one will be nice once I get it finally done.

One thing that concerns me is that I needed to make somce changes to php.ini to get thigs working (max memory and max inage size). Fortunately I am the server admin so i can do that :slight_smile:

Thanks Paul, I will check it out, though I am past the initial install.