spam assassin

Is anyone currently using Interworx also using Spam Assassin with qmail/qmail-scanner for site-wide spam identification? Or is there any reason that this might not work?

We are going to integrate it bubbahall but haven’t yet and it can (and will) work fine. Our qmail installation is a slight modification of the one at which is spamassassin-able and qmail-scanner-able as well. If you try it out let us konw how it goes! And we will have them in a future release.


Just fyi, before you can install qmail-scanner, you’ll need to install a few more perl modules, which you can do with this shell command:

# rpm -ivh \ \ \

You’ll also need to install maildrop:

Just for clairification, spamassassin will definately be integrated into SiteWorx in a not-to-distant-release. Whether qmail-scanner becomes part of the “default” still remains to be seen, but it will always be an option for anyone interested in using it. As Chris stated, Qmail on InterWorx servers is patched with the QMAILQUEUE addition which is required for qmail-scanner to function.

Just for clairification, spamassassin will definately be integrated into SiteWorx in a not-to-distant-release.

I’m interesting to install spamassasin, qmail-scanner too.

How long it is from now for a “not-to-distant-release”

Just to know if I’m wating your release or go on with this setup :rolleyes:


In my experience bubbahall, that means they don’t know a timeframe. All it means is that it is on the deffinite “to do” list and expect that it it will work when they get to it. If they had a timeframe they’d give it.

If you are that interested in it I’d do it now. I got a similar message fromt them on this issue on the Sago forums back in February.

Thanks, heu… I think your answer is for me :-p

and yes, I’m interrested to have it but as I said in an other post

I’d like to install spamassasin, i’v seen here in the forum that you plan to update interworx to integrate it. When the update should come ?
If I plan to install it, could you give me a tutorial to do that

  • qmail-scanner
  • maildrop (???)
  • Clam
  • Razor
    Is it enough ? I’m just a little lost with these all differents set up capabilities

here <<< See this P O S T >>>

so tim as I saw you in all differents interworx/sago forums maybe you could help me setup these ones :rolleyes:



I have to confess that I am still trying to figure out how to install some of those myself. Not all of the RPM’s are available from yum which is where I normally get them from. Even if you install those RPM’s they have dependancies. Spamassassin is next on my to do list. I just got mailam working with a lot of help from Paul.

Maybe we can figure it out together?

well, more we are, better we should be …

Ok no pbm, in fact I found a tutorial for installing them but in french (yes as you maybe already guessed, I’m french) so I’m just begining to try to install all of them

I’ll let you know the report of my work… here …



Thanks for your assistance.