SpamAssassin and SPF


Since V3.0 Spamassassin support the SPF to detect and penalize header forgery. This requires Mail::SPF::Query.

Does it be installed by default ?

Could we install it, without breaking something ?



Hi Pascal-

Mail::SPF::Query is not installed by default. You can determine if it is installed by doing the following:

perl -e ‘require Mail::SPF::Query’


Yes Dustin, in fact my question is more about, do you plan to install it by default and implement entirely SPF :

  • Create automaticly DNS SPF record for every domaine
  • Manage SMTP SASL or AUTH
  • Integrate SPF at a MTA level (or at least at the spamassassin level)


It may be incorporated into a future version (but probably not the next one) of InterWorx- I’ll have to discuss it with the other developers. In the meantime, I’ll add a feature request to our database.



Take a look at that thread. I haven’t tried it yet, but I do like the idea of using SPF, seems like it could work, or at least help.

For some reason my SA has SPF enabled, but the module isn’t installed. I just want to get a little more advice before moving foward with it.