Spamassassin on boot


When we rebooted one of our boxes the other week, we noticed that the SPAM service did not start when re-booting up.

Is this normal? Anyway to make sure that if a box is rebooted (we have the DC doing some rack moves over the next few days so the box will probably likely be moved during the night) that the spamd service comes on?

I don’t want anything to break Iworx.



Luckily the DC have operated very efficiently tonight meaning that we were around to start the spam service when the machine rebooted, however I am still wondering if there is a way in Iworx to turn on spamd at boot, and if not, what do you guys do?


Sorry for the delay William. Run the following command as root:

chkconfig --levels 345 spamassassin on

That should do it. This feature will also be available via NodeWorx in 3.0.