Spanish language pack almost done

Hello :wink: I’ve just recalled that some time ago someone asked for a Spanish language pack. This post is just for letting you know that I’m working on it and want to make it available once well tested.

Since I’m from Spain, I’m roughly following the “Microsoft translations guidelines” that they use for Latin-american and Spain translations (basically they use standard words to avoid making a lot of differences between Spanish localized versions and mantain some coherence for both Europe and America :P)

Anyone interested on testing is welcome of course.



wow, thanks a ton Juan, I’m sure our spanish speaking users will be very appreciative.



I want to test it amigo!

thanks for the good job!

Please, tellme how download.

Somebody can tellme how can download that spanish language?

We haven’t released the Spanish language pack just yet.



[B]Juangake say:

Spanish language pack almost done[/B]

Juangake please contactme !!

: )

Hi, I’ve got the Spanish language file from Juangake and I’m doing the translation, but I have difficulty because it’s very long (2500 lines) and there are only around 800 done, so if anyone wants to help, email me at danienjjsystem AT Best regards! :wink: