SQL Restore

I bet everyone is getting sick of me :wink:

Anyway, I’m just recovering from a server crash right as I was implementing my new dual proc system and transfering everything over.

Here’s my issue:

For some reason Fedora decided to stop booting from my old server. The hard drive is good, and all of the files on it are fine. I was able to mount the drive in another system and have complete access to my files.

I restored everything as far as the web pages and files go but am having some problems with my SQL databases. I do NOT have a recent sql dump for these databases. The only ones I have are about a week old and I really cant afford to loose a weeks worth of data.

Now the question for you guys is, how can I restore my databases from my old hard drive? I dont know TOO much about mySQL but isn’t a directory I can just overwrite with the directory from my old drive?

All of the usernames/groups are exactly the same as on the other machine as is all the domain names and logins.

Can someone give me an idea on what to try? Thanks!



You can normally copy the data directory from the same version of MySQL (with the daemon off) from the old space to the new space and then just restart MySQL. Make sure the ownership is the same.