Squirrelmail vanished?

I don’t know if it is a bug, but seems that squirrelmail vanished.

Horde is ok:

But squirrelmail is dead:

Any idea?

I can’t think of any reason this would happen, but if you open a support ticket and provide your server login info I’ll be happy figure out what the problem is.


Thanks Paul,

I will open a support ticket.

Hmmm mine never had squirrelmail, was this part of siteworx at one time or what?

If this is a relatively new InterWorx install, Squirrelmail may not have been configured by default. Try running the following script as root:

sh /home/interworx/bin/webmail-setup.sh

After you run that script, you should be able to access the default horde/imp webmail at http://<domain>/webmail and squirrelmail at http://<domain>/squirrelmail


Sorry to resurrect this thread, but I’m trying to install Squirrelmail as well… When I SSH in to my VPS as root, all I can see is the iworx-cp-install.sh file in the root directory. Above root is where I can access usr, lib, etc.

I tried running sh /home/interworx/bin/webmail-setup.sh, but it says the path isn’t found (I’m already one too low in the structure). However, using CentOS, I have no idea how to change the directory so I can run the scripts. I can see them if I log in via secure FTP, so I know the path (usr/local/interworx/bin) and can see the installer. I just can’t get there.

lightning, does the /squirrelmail URL not work for you? Newer installs (in the last 8 - 12 months) should have the /squirrelmail all set by default.


Hi Chris,

No, the URL doesn’t work. When I go to the IW panel, it doesn’t show up in the ScriptWorx list, nor does Horde. Ultimately, I’d like to be able to add things to the ScriptWorx panel, but I’m afraid I don’t know enough about PHP to follow the tutorial here…

Any thoughts about getting Squirrelmail to show up?

Squirrelmail & Horde each aren’t support by ScriptWorx. But both are webmail programs supported by iworx-cp. Try going to:


That should bring up the Squirrelmail webmail program.


nope - 400, Bad Request

It may be due to my domain not yet being switched to the new IP address… (Of course, I’m using the IP address for the VPS, not the domain name).

lightning, I’d open a ticket and we can take a peek.