SSL ISSUES after Upgrade to IW 4.6 any one else having this issue?

It appears from what I can tell every since the upgrade to 4.6 https:// has stopped working on ALL sites.

ALl certificates when checking with browsers are saying the SSL Certificates are good but when actually moving to the check out area of any site on the server, getting SSL Certificate warnings and causing the phone to ring that this is a issue.

Is this locally only to our server or is there anyone else having same issue?

Roy, I just wanted to follow up here - I believe I recall from your ticket, there was some confusion regarding the cert expiration, and some change from the cert authority as well, that just happened to coincide (sort of) with the interworx update. If this needs further clarification, or if there’s still a problem, please let us know.



Paul, yes I remember now, it was a issue with the Thawte certificates, no longer supporting 1024 bit, only 2048 bit certificates being issues now by Thawte and that caused the sites that have been using the Thawte SSL certificate AFTER RENEWAL OF CERTIFICATE to get the SSL Certificate warning in ones web browser. Thawte really didn’t pass along this “small detail”.

The fix was to add the chain, or intermediate certificate, for the new Thawte 2048 certificates to work on the IW server (same for the cPanel servers).

Really this is an issue for all new SSL Certificates that is running 2048 bit certificates.

Where do you add this chain? I put the bundle-ca file in the same place the other ssl files are located in home/interworx/etc/ssl/ But I still get the error.

Interworx, you need to add another field in your nodeworx ssl management for bundle-ca.

Hello John

The Intermediate Certificate, (aka chain certificate) was place in the “4. SSL Chain Certificate”

But here is how you must apply it for the NEW 2048 bit certificates.

  1. Add the SSL Certificate you get from your 3rd party provider to the “3. SSL Certificate”
  2. Then add your Intermediate Certificate ALONG WITH your SSL Certificate to the “4. SSL Chain Certificate”

Take a look at the screen shot I attached is should make it a little clearer.

Hope that helps you.


I just have to say working with both InterWorx and cPanel, cPanel is such a PAIN in the “you know what” when it comes to SSL Certificates. The installation process in cPanel and WHM is very unreliable at best. (Only add them manually now)

Its a breath of fresh air adding SSL Certificates using SiteWorx. It actually works.

Are you suggesting that I paste in the ca-bundle after the crt in the same window?

Where are you doing this in? I have nothing resembling managed chain certificates in nodeworx. Keep in mind this is not for a site - this is for interworx ssl which is configured in nodeworx. In the past I just updated the files in /home/interworx/etc/ssl/ and made sure that http-custom file was pointing to the correct certs.