SSL not working for InterworxCP SSL

When updating all services in SSL Certificates for Nodeworx, there is not an option to include ca-bundle cert.

I have been using rapidSSL for interworx services for all of our servers the past few years but now rapidssl has changed and browsers will not accept unless the ca-bundles have been included. I have tried just adding ca-bundle.crt to /home/interworx/etc/ssl/ but that does not work either.

The siteworx includes the option to add the chain cert but not nodeworx.

I think this is issue of rapidSSL upgrading to 2048 bit during 2010.

I need a solution soon as some of our SSLs will be expiring very soon.



I’ve the same problem with rapidssl. If you have an idea ?



Sorry I forgot to update this post with solution.

You just need to paste both crt and ca in the same field. CRT first then CA bundle right below - so space.

Thanks kipper3d :slight_smile: