SSL setup in shared IP. How to setup?


Anyone knows how to setup ssl cert for multiple domain in same shared IP?

If is Yes, and you know how can be setup, I be very gratefull if you could spend few minutes to share that infromation with me and others.

Many thanks,

I tried to followed this, but without success, it is not clear for me the instuction:(

Hi Bblori
You need to set the SNI Support to enabled from Nodeworx, Server, Settings and it is towards the bottom of the page, and click save.
You then setup siteworx SSL as normal.
My post you referred to, was to explain how SNI works, as at first glance, it appears as though it is not working, and ofcourse, you need to setup a siteworx account for your server domain and duplicate your SSL you use for your server SSL, which will allow correct usage of server SSL used only for server, not your siteworx accounts.
To try give a better understanding, suppose your server domain was, and you had a siteworx account domain called, and, where and were to have their own SSL, with SNI it is possible, as follows:
IP Shared - SNI support enabled - SSL - SSL - SSL
now, if a referrence to were made using https, the correct SSL is used, same with and However, if an https referrence were made to (note no SSL), then it would use the first SSL setup in alphbetical order I believe, so it would show as SSL for
There are 2 ways to overcome this, first, you could set an own SSL for, which would be time consuming if you had a lot of siteworx accounts not using SSL, or as we have done, set a siteworx account so it is the first in list, and only set a own SSL onto this, which it’s webpage displayed can be set by ourselves, to inform users if they want SSL, they have to set the SSL on siteworx account.
I hope that helps a little
Many thanks

Just to add my 2 cents, I struggled with this and even with the explanation John has given (on several threads.) Being a interworx noob I just couldn’t get it to work… then I realized that when you’re in siteworx you have to change the domain and enter (or copy if it’s a wildcard) the ssl keys into EACH domain. Change the domain (upper right “change domain”) then go into SSL and enter the details.

Hi mikei

Many thanks, and rereading the post, I think you understood better then myself the issue presented.

I did not realise he meant wildcard SSL, and your post over wildcard SSL is correct.

My post was to show how SNI works on different domains/siteworx SSL.

I hope that makes my post clearer to understand.

Many thanks