Howdy all, first post here, hope to be part of the community.

It seems as though my NodeWorx is not recording statistics from the users of Siteworx regarding bandwidth. My host says over 360MB of BW has been used, but NodeWorx says 0.00MB have been used, which is impossible. Any suggestions on how to fix this? This is a fresh install from Sagonet, and I haven’t fiddled with anything.

I’m pretty sure there is some traffic that just isn’t picked up by Interworx at all. That’s probably what you are experiencing. If so, I don’t think there is any “fix” to speak of at this time.


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It depends on which traffic view you’re talking about. NodeWorx meters eth0 so it will slow very close to actual throughput. SiteWorx will show HTTP bandwidth only at this time.

One note regarding DCs and billing. Site/NodeWorx bandwidth counters rollover on the 1st of every month and if your DC does anniversary billing DC will report different numbers (GB wise) than SiteWorx since the reference day is different.