Stats files


I have a customer who would like to use the files generated for the stats but not with the packages in the control panel.

Is there a way of setting rights in their ftp account to allow them access of the folder?


you probably should better create a cron job to copy the stats files in an other location accessible by your client.

Like this you’ll be sure he doesn’t breake things in /home/user/var/domaine


I created the following script for a customer, and run it at 6am in the morning (about 4 hours after the daily update of the box)

cp /home/USERNAME/var/DOMAIN/logs/transfer.log-$(date +%m%d%Y).zip /home/USERNAME/traffic_logs;
chown USERNAME.USERNAME /home/USERNAME/traffic_logs/transfer.log-$(date +%m%d%Y).zip

Hope this helps :wink: