Stats not updating

Hi, AW stats and webalizer stopped updating two days ago, is there any quick fix for that, correct me if I’m wrong but Aw Stats have an option to allow manual update by user at anytime. How can I set this option? Also I noticed an unusual very high CPU load near midnight, has it something to do with this?


You’ll have to open a ticket JustMe so we can check it out. We use the “static pages” version of AWStats and not the CGI version so updates are done once per day and users cannot update their own stats.

All stat programs will cause a surge in CPU given the log parsing that occurs.


Thanks again Chris, especially for your patience. Stats are in fact working, it’s just a calendar issue, it seems it lags behind one day so I was just confused, I have already read about this calendar issue and I learned you’ll remove it sometime in the future. Thanks again and next time I’ll check everything over twice before asking anything here. :o