Stop Yum Kernel updates.


Since having the this wonderful CP installed on my server I have noticed that my / partition was getting smaller and smaller over a period of time.

My / partition is quiet small as it only holds the operating system and basic OS folders.

Yum seems to be downloading Kernel images around about 200MB each, every time it does its thing. I had about 6 kernel versions all taking up space on my / partition. Imagine after a year how much space this would be using :eek:

Also I would not like to find out latter that after I rebooted my server does not come up and more of an investigation it?s a bad kernel. As we could never tell if it?s a stable/unstable kernel until the machine is rebooted.

I guess there is somewhere to accept x updates and not others?

Maybe it could be added to the update menu in nodeworx in a later release so you could select which updates to auto install?

Thanks in advance.


YUM caches all packages / headers it downloads Perry and you can tell it to skip kernel updates by adding kernel-* to the ‘exclude=’ option in /etc/yum.conf.

You an also run:

yum clean all

to clear out all packages / headers that are hanging out.

And I agree, some more fine grained features in the update screen are needed along with an interface to the above exclude and clean functions.